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KBM Flooring​

Our History

It all started with the hard work, vision and leadership of Mike Kulyk Sr. After working in the drapery business, he made his way into the flooring business where, alongside his own family, he began building what would eventually become the largest commercial flooring supply and installation company in Canada.

Mike originally started KBM out of his garage in October 1988 and while the space was small, his vision was not. He was going to build a successful business by looking after customers, being honest and continually striving for improvement. This philosophy is clearly represented by the success and reputation of KBM today.

Over twenty-five years later, under the leadership of Mike Kulyk Sr.'s family and the dedication of 180 employees, KBM still operates under the same philosophy, leveraging decades of vast experience, a strong family history and a solid brand that speaks with a confident and collective voice.

Here’s a look at our history:

1970 Mike Kulyk Sr. makes a move from Edmonton to Calgary working in the drapery business and begins selling residential flooring.
1972 Mike Kulyk Sr. begins selling commercial flooring and establishes a solid reputation in the industry.
1988 With his past experiences and opportunity to create his own, Mike Kulyk Sr., along with his children Kevin, Barbara and Michael start KBM Installations and Consulting Inc. from his garage.
1989 KBM moves to the Glenmore Industrial Park and adds a warehouse as well as estimating, sales and business development.
1992 KBM head office and warehouse moves to a new 17,000 square foot location in the Deerfoot Industrial Park.
1994 KBM head office and warehouse moves to a new 17,000 square foot location in the Deerfoot Industrial Park.

KBM becomes Western Canada’s Dupont licensee, which provided credibility, insight and industry strength that KBM still leverages today

Working towards sustainability, KBM adds Flooring Maintenance and Reclamation services.
2003 KBM moves to a brand new 32,000 square foot building in Portland Street Industrial Park.
2007 KBM becomes its own brand, registering its trademark and refreshing its logo which appears today.
2008 KBM celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2010 KBM invests in I.T. technical upgrades to integrate work flow processes into the new system.
2013 KBM celebrates its 25 anniversary.
2014 KBM adds Hard Surface restoration an maintenance to its portfolio.
KBM continues to be Canada’s largest commercial flooring supply and installation company. KBM continues to lead the industry through innovation and technological enhancements.