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President's Message

Growing up, Kevin, Barbara and I had the opportunity to watch our father, Mike Kulyk Sr., make his mark on the industry. We quickly learned that this is a business built around people, not floor coverings – that if you are accountable to your customers, employees, and community, success will follow.

It’s this commitment to accountability that has allowed us to offer quality products and service and keep customers happy from the first step in the process to the last. Like any company, we face obstacles along the way, but we’re quick to address them, learn from them, and move on.

Since our humble beginnings in 1988, we now surround ourselves with over 180 people who share the same philosophy – people who are passionate, committed and motivated by the idea of making a good business a great one. They sell, install, estimate and continue to not only meet, but exceed the needs of our customers. In turn, we reward our dedicated employees and create an environment that brings out the best in them.

With a great deal of momentum, KBM continues to evolve into much more than a commercial flooring company, it’s a living, breathing and vibrant brand. From our full scope of services and employee benefits to our community endeavors and corporate culture, there’s a level of integration and consistency that really underscores who we are and where we stand.

Will there be more changes ahead of us? Absolutely. And we’ll continue to adapt to them, challenge them and improve upon them, whether it’s new industry process, new technologies or new ideas. The one thing that will never change however is our commitment to people and the philosophy set forth by our founder Mike Sr.

Michael Kulyk