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BMO Centre Flood Remediation/Calgary Stampede



The BMO Centre is a multipurpose convention centre located on the historic Calgary Stampede Grounds. It hosts a multitude of events including conventions, trade shows, and social gatherings. After the devastating flood of June 2013, all on-grade or below-grade flooring within the Centre required replacement. Over a decade earlier, Milliken Carpet Tile had been installed and had proven over time to perform beautifully. As a result, the facility was confident that Milliken was the product that they wanted to use. The new Milliken Custom carpet tile was designed to pay homage to the western spirit of the Calgary Stampede. This area is subjected to extremely high foot traffic, in addition to rolling loads during trade show set ups. Combined with Milliken's cushion back and industry leading nylon, the pattern and colors were used to create a unique carpet with enhanced wear ability particular to this showcase space.

The BMO Centre is again bustling with trade shows and conventions, and is eagerly anticipating another year of the Calgary Stampede!

Approximate Size: 42300 sq.ft (3930 sq.m)
Architect / Designer: Gibbs Gage Architects
Location: 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary AB T2G 2W1
General Contractor: Calgary Stampede
Products: Custom Designed Carpet Tile
Developer: Calgary Stampede